I’m Rachael and I’m all about helping you feel in tune again with your body and mind. My mission is to help you move towards life’s adventures with more ease, less restriction and more freedom from pain. I specialise in helping people who have anxiety, long held stress, and related chronic pain conditions including headaches, jaw pain, chronic neck and shoulder pain.


When I’m not in the treatment room with a client or working on my business, you can often find me glued to Netflix, experimenting in the kitchen; playing with a pencil or paintbrush, and exploring nature through hiking and camping. Trying to make friends with all the dogs and cats that cross my path has become a big habit of mine as well as obsessing over music – dancing at festivals (and in my kitchen) as well as creating magical massage playlists for my wonderful clients’ treatments…

So what makes me different?

No two bodies/minds are the same so why should your treatments be? I work with you as an individual to design bespoke treatments AND aftercare for you that are trauma informed and evidence based. No repetitive massage routines!

I offer you the opportunity to feel truly seen and heard by taking enough time to give you a thorough consultation, assessment and tailored aftercare sessions which stay separate from your massage time. Plus NO FILLING IN FORMS!! I can take the stress out that by doing it all for you.

I create a safe, relaxing and cosy atmosphere with curated playlists, calm lighting and a warm comfy, adjustable couch so you can concentrate on letting go of pain. I can even help with relaxation cues, visualisations and breath guidance.

I combine the best of advanced bodywork techniques from a fusion of East and West including: trigger point therapy, fascial work, acupressure and integrate them with hot and cold stones, myofascial dry cupping and stretching.

It’s possible to get better… I know because I’ve been there.

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