Chronic Pain

What type of pain do I have?

Acute pain is…

  • Generally sudden in onset, and lasts a relatively short time
  • We feel it from: – illness such as a common cold, a stomach bug or an infection
  • Accident/injury like a sprain, muscle tear, cut, or stubbing your toe
  • A warning sign from the body such as a burn, scald, dehydration headache

But it disappears when…

  • The injury or illness heals itself naturally
  • We receive successful treatment
  • Our body can no longer detect the source of the pain (such as dehydration)

Chronic pain is…

  • Repetitive or long term pain that continues for longer than 3-6 months
  • Definitely real and not “all in your head”!!
  • A significant global health problem, especially in the western world
  • NOT “just a part of old age”!

It can…

  • Persist even after the body has healed and tissue damage has gone
  • Indicate a long lasting health problem such as a hormonal imbalance or autoimmune condition which may or may not be treatable but can be manageable
  • Come from structural (joint wear and tear) or nervous system changes (Neuropathic pain)
  • Build up from injuries, illness, some long term medication, emotional trauma, stress and other factors (not just biological). This can sensitize our nervous system – meaning our brain overreacts to harmless signals and triggers a pain response in the body.

Fear of movement can lead to lack of activity which causes even more pain.

Good news...

I have had success treating both of these and can work with you to build up pain free movement again

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Fun facts...

  • Damaged tissue without pain is very common. Studies have shown joint wear and tear, herniated (slipped) discs and more in people with no symptoms or history of pain!
  • Severe pain can exist without any damage to the body – Go ahead and Google phantom limb pain!
  • The amount of pain has nothing to do with the level of damage – a papercut can hurt like a beast and some people might not even know they’ve had a serious injury!

As you can see…..pain can be complex.

Coming to see me always starts with a relaxed and open discussion where I can help you to paint a picture of your pain and what it looks like for you. We can then create a treatment plan that works for you including hands on sessions for a FULL 1hr or 90 minutes…

As well as ongoing pain care and wellbeing sessions where you an learn techniques to use on yourself to speed up your recovery and carry on the healing journey at home. These are offered either online or in person and can include stretches, pain care hacks, stress and anxiety management tools, and mindfulness/breathwork techniques.

Trained in the Jing Methods

I'm proud to have trained with the internationally renowned Jing Advanced Massage Institute in Brighton. Here’s what to expect from a Jing Method™ Therapist:

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